Tuesday 19 March 2013

Monday Gang 18th March 2013

The  bricklayers came in yesterday to continue the corbelling on the current section of Platform 2. Bob White, who is supervising the Monday Gang sent me the following report:-

The weather was good today and the top course of corbelling was completed by Bob and Clive by lunch time whilst Steve B finished the infilling of cut red bricks to the top course of corbelling carried out last week. The three of us spent the afternoon continuing the backing up of the last two courses of corbelling on the final section of wall. The only outstanding brickwork is the completion of this section of "reds" - approximately 120 bricks.

The end result now looks pretty impressive! Thanks to Bob for the pictures.

Before work can start in in earnest on the next stage of Platform 2, the embankment behind the next section requires levelling and grading. Steve Warren came over with the mini digger to start the task, which should be completed today.

The levelling produces a large amount of spoil and this was removed by  tractor trailer to try and reduce the amount of churning up of the of the soft ground.

I will have some more pictures of the finished result on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Could you please clarify why the excess spoil is not used to backfill the areas already completed?

Bill said...

The backfill has to be a stone or concrete based aggregate with uniform properties, compacted so that a flat and level finishing surface can be guaranteed.

John R said...


How much of platform 2 is now (more or less) finished, and how much left to go. Excepting the signal box area, do you expect to finish it this year?


Bill said...

Hi John,
We're about half way and whether we finish it this year will depend on funds and the Autumn/Winter weather!

Anonymous said...


It's all coming along nicely! You have done so much with the amount of workforce you have! Can't wait to see the finished station!! :)


Anonymous said...

Actually, unless my eyes deceive me, the soil was, er, soil, not spoil. So it would have been a shame to use as 'fill'' that which could be flower borders, apart from it being too soft.

But perhaps I really do neeed new specs!