Saturday 5 January 2013

Saturday 5th January 2013

Another fine days weather in prospect and 18 volunteers came along to take advantage of it. Although the primary challenge was to get a good number of bricks laid on Platform 2, other  valuable tasks were completed also.

 Here Bob W, and Tony get the last course before the corbelling squared up

And here Bob J and Clive are levelling the backing bricks.

By the end of the day the first corbelling bricks were laid ready for work to continue on Wednesday. Cheers John C.

And the end of day scene - Platform 2 is well on its way! Thanks to all the team  who laid and supported the bricklaying - it was  a great sight to see.

On other fronts,  Dave and Vic set to at building a shelter for the Dumper and Roller, in order to keep the worst of the  winter weather off them. Great progress was made and it remains for the corrugated roof to go on - perhaps a job for Wednesday.

We have also erected a shelter for brick cleaning and painting in the wet weather which no doubt is still to come. Thanks goes to John S who did this virtually single handedly!

The other main task of the day was to move the electrical cabinets from the track-bed onto the embankment. I wasn't expecting so much progress in one day, but a determined effort saw one completed and another part way there.  Here Jo remains as the only candidate up for having his photo taken, but thanks to Mike and Peter H who all made the thing possible!

I should also like to acknowledge the help of John Blofield who quietly busies himself on a  variety of tasks each Saturday and without whom all sorts of vital things would get missed  or fall short.

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Anonymous said...

Great effort, that photo really shows the corbelling work on platform 1 and it looks the part!