Friday 18 January 2013

Moonlighting at the Flag and Whistle!

The Dulux Musketeers
Three of the BAG Volunteers have taken time out to help repaint the inside of the Flag and Whistle at Toddington.  Graham Dykes, Mike Trowman and Roger Brindley donned the white smocks to assist Building Services meet the Chairman's objective of giving the F&W a significant make-over during the closed season.

I am told the incentive was not the warm surroundings and regular coffee but I'm not so sure!
The lads have put in 5 days of work so far in January and there is one more to go. It is certainly is beginning to  look the business.

Maxine from the Development Department comes in from time to time to see progress and  crack the whip when necessary. It looks as though the painting aspect will be finished by the end of the month. I hope the 2013 visitors will be impressed.

Finally the motley crew who have put in so much hard work. Would you trust them painting your lounge - Certainly not!

Here's the door back to Broadway gents - don't get too comfy in the land of milk and honey!


Anonymous said...

Great job, lads.

Don't forget there is still the white line to paint on 2a.

Ron and Peter look pleased with your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill.You boys have done a great job, But don't forget the other boys, Pat and Keith that had a little input above your heads.

Yours Keith.

Bill said...

Hi Keith,
Wouldn't knowingly leave anyone out! It all looks great.Bill

Anonymous said...

The whole place looks great, congratulations to everyone working on it. I'm sure the punters will be impressed next running season.