Thursday 3 January 2013

Going Dutch!

Jo Roesen, a member of the Broadway Area Group and the main photographer for the Blog has kindly sent me the article below which he wrote for the magazine of  the  Dutch Preservation Group SSN, of which he was a very active member before returning to the UK, and with which he still has a close association. The article is largely about Broadway but includes pictures from the inaugural run over Chicken Curve  after the repair.

Thanks Jo!


Anonymous said...

Double Dutch !

Bill said...

Not if you study it carefully!

Anonymous said...

English translation at all please?

SWrural said...

Ik kan ook Nederlands lezen. Prachtig verhaal Jo, en jij hebt waarschijnlijk voor veel bezoek uit Nederland verzekerd!!

Best wishes, Howard (lived 15 years North Holland)

To the first commentator here, guess what they speak in the Netherlands!

Actually, Jo just told his colleagues what was going on here and how it was hoped to obtain grants and of course planning permission for the new station buildings. The tidbit was that his wife actually became a volunteer sales person after a ride on the train and this left him open-mouthed!