Monday 21 January 2013

Following the Honeybourne Line

Jo Roesen has been assembling a set of current photos of the full length of the Honeybourne Line.
He has recently taken this set from Malvern Road to Cheltenham Racecourse.

Jo only has Broadway to Willersley to go. When finished it will make an interesting and valuable record of the current state of play of our Line.


Geoff said...

What a great project, thanks for sharing Jo. This set in particular show the difficulties of ever going beyond CRC.

One question, is/was Cheltenham Spa station Cheltenham St James'?


Bill said...

The station was renamed twice, to Cheltenham St. James on 11 May 1908, and Cheltenham Spa St. James on 1 February 1925.[1] It was from this station that the GWR inaugurated the Cheltenham Flyer on 9 July 1923 which ran to London via Swindon.[9] The express covered the 77.3 miles (124.4 km) between Swindon and London in 56 minutes 47 seconds at an average speed of 81.7 miles per hour (131.5 km/h) on 6 June 1932[5], then the fastest-timed train in the world.[
Don't know whether this helps!

Jo said...

What became clear in my mind that it beconmes a lot more difficult after Pittville Park. What i.m.h.o seems possible is a terminus at Pittville , where the line comes out of Swindon Lane cutting. There is a flat area, and access to the park, which I found very attractive. It would give people somewhere to go, get off, have a wander round. There is a childrens' play ground, a cafe, lots of paths, ducks to feed, and a walk to the town centre is possible for all but the very faint hearted.
We shall see - we can't do everything at once.

andy said...

Also would be handy for attending Cheltenham Rugby Stadium which would just be a 2 minute walk from the new terminus.

Anonymous said...

I remember as a child (late eighties) my dad pointing out an old signal post near the St Georges Road Bridge, it was hidden a bit amongst the brambles, but it was definately there. I always remember being amazed at how that whole area used to be a station/railway yard... Also i remember a friend who went to St Gregory's school, saying when Waitrose came to Cheltenham, they built Tennis Courts over the old Turntable well...

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff thank you. Any reinstatement of heavy rail along the old path seems a no go to me.
Looking at the ordnance survey map on the Lineside Clearance group link, is it possible to hang a right under the A435 roadbridge after CRC station go under the Cheltenham Circular Footpath to connect via north and south chords to the mainline.
This gives mainline access to the Races and the GWR.
For a brilliant DVD on the Honeybourne Line, and the Cheltenham stations see Jim Clemens Collection no 15 Volume 10 from B&R Video Productions.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

For Volume 10 above read Volume 107