Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1st January 2013

A bright sunny day for once and the Broadway Station Site basks in winter sunshine. It will be interesting see how the site develops over the coming 12 months. I am confident that we will see the southern ends of the platforms finished and that the signal box will be taking shape on Platform 2.

On Platform 1, once planning approval has been granted, work can start on the initial  construction phase of the Station. How far this can proceed will depend on the GWSR's good fortune in fund raising for its major Projects, which include the repair of the bridges between Laverton and Broadway, and the Station infrastructure itself.

 It also depends on how our local fund raising goes, and much of this is down to the local community and of course yourselves, our trusty Supporters. So I begin the the year, as ever, full of optimism for accelerated progress towards our goal of seeing steam train  services returning to Broadway. Please remember, we cannot do it without your support, both moral and financial. Keep the faith!


andy said...

Any idea when the various structural bridge reports between Laverton and Broadway will be known as it seems quite a long time since inspection.

Darren Fairley said...


In real terms its only been a few working days with the Christmas break. They were looked at first week in December.

It will take some time to properly assess the requirements for repair going forward and I would not expect to publish anything for a number of months, as we will need to lock any requirements into a future funding drive and application etc.

Kind Regards,
Darren Fairley