Wednesday 19 December 2012

Wednesday 19th December 2012

Pretty atrocious weather today prevented any work being carried out on site today. It all looks uncharacteristically quiet and forlorn!

However much discussion is going on about projects for January 2013, and what a list it is.  So keep watching!

I always keep one or two photos back  for special occasions and this one from Jo is a beauty from the centre of the Evesham Road bridge looking North.
A little imagination and is that 1450 with a  local on Platform 2 I see ,  and  is that 5043  on the Cornishman pulling out of Platform 1 heading for Cheltenham???

Keep the faith!


Anonymous said...

hi bill,
any news on the state of the evesham road bridge ?

Unknown said...

Not yet - I will let you know!