Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wednesday 12 12 12 and a Happy Birthday!

It was a raw cold day for the 16 Broadway Volunteers, who split 5/11 between Broadway and brick reclamation at Winchcombe. It also happend to be my birthday!

Winchcombe seems to regurgitate more and more bricks and the pressure is on to clear the site in preparation for work to commence on the Paint Shop.

So a Broadway team continued to demolish, clean and stack bricks. By lunch time it was time to remove the old floor and gain access to the "cellar" below. Steve Warren and the JCB were need to remove the floor, steps and slab that would give access to the remaining bricks. 

The wood provided useful fuel for the nearby bonfire.
The fire was a double edged sword however, getting rid of the wood, providing much need heat,  but adding to the fog!

Who put the bdy lino on the fire!

Richard and the Fairview lorry, together with some of the Broadway gang also arrived at lunchtime, with 3 brick cleaning benches and some more pallets. They then took the first of 2 of the lorry loads back to Broadway.

Loading the bricks for Broadway
The bump stop on the right

The demolition of these old buildings always seem to turn up something from the railways past. in this case the recovery of the step end bump stop which it took the JCB to recover. What a work of art! We will use it somewhere.
The end of a long day!

Back at Broadway no lesser valiant efforts were going in on the big clear up between Platform 1A and 2A. With Fairview Richards help the final remnants were cleared.

Here back at Broadway and with twilight approaching the lads make the final delivery. Note the cleared track bed beyond, absolutely clear. A great deal of hard work went in to this big tidy up and it looks great. 

Whist the Broadway Gang were waiting they erected Margurite's Christmas tree and very good it looks too. If you would like to sponsor a light for a loved one, pay a visit to Marguerite on Saturday.

As I indicated at the beginning, it was my birthday yesterday and there was nothing nicer than to spend the morning with my chums on the Railway and have a birthday tea in the afternoon with my Grandchildren. I feel blessed., 


Geoff said...

Happy Birthday Bill and a Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2013 to you and all the Broadway Station team. What you are achieving is nothing short of fantastic and I look forward to following and supporting your continued progress.

richard said...

Happy birthday Bill, I echo Geoff's comment all the best for 2013 to you and the team.
I thought 2011 had amazing progress 2012 has been outstanding

Charles said...

Happy Birthday and here's to a great year ahead.

Unknown said...

are you sure thats a bonfire and not the birthday cake candles ?

Happy birthday Bill and many many more.