Saturday 8 December 2012

Saturday 8th December 2012

The Saturday Gang were equally split between Broadway, and brick recovery at Winchcombe.
At Broadway the main task was clearing some of the vegetation back in the car park and having a good old bonfire. Marguerite with her "extension" was doing a good trade. From next week she will have her Christmas Tree in place and you can call in and light a light for a loved one. I know Marguerite will be pleased to see you, as will all of the volunteers.

I have discovered what the attraction is at Winchcombe for the lads - there steam trains there! With Santa Specials making regular runaround past there working area the time past with relative ease!

Here is the situation at the beginning of the day with the Broadway Gang mixing in with Pat Green and his crew. The tricky part was to deal with the speed with which the loose bricks appeared, and getting them stacked away on pallets or into dumpy bags. There was no opportunity for brick cleaning as such.

By the end of the day and much perspiration the main walls were down. It remains for a days work on Wednesday to shift everything over to Broadway and clear the site. Much of the hard work has been done!
And finally some of the distractions! Foremarke Hall  looking rependant for the Santa Special.

The 8F nips by!


Anonymous said...

I came out after your visit this afternoon Bill. There are still alot of bricks below ground level that can be retreived. at least another good days effort. Sorry though none locos on Wednesdays at this timeof year.

Bill said...

I didn't realise we would have to go mining for them as well!
The lads are enjoying their stint at Winchcombe.

Anonymous said...

Vandalism not abated?