Saturday 22 December 2012

Saturday 22nd December 2012

A few select Volunteers turned up today, despite the atrocious  weather. There was little to be done on such a wet day but to turf out all the accumulated rubbish in the Mess Hut and give it an early Spring clean.

Rarely has it looked so well organized since we moved in (yes folks that's as good as it gets!)

The only other activity going on was in Marguerite's Shed where she and Doreen continued to do a brisk trade. Well done Ladies!

The Christmas tree although a bit wind swept continued to twinkle despite the battering it was getting from the elements.

Finally it is time to wish all my Blog followers a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and  Healthy New Year. Thank you for your keen interest in our project.

A special mention for the Broadway Area Group Volunteers who have worked so tirelessly over the past year. I salute your determined efforts and I hope 2013 will  encourage further financial investment in our project and thereby allow us to continue at a pace with our endeavours to bring Broadway Station back to life.



SWrural said...

It's Christmas Bill, so I will not mention your typo on 'endeavours'.

Oops, I have! :-)

Seriously, your blog brightens my day and I am sure that of others too. Till 2013, all the best.

Bill said...

What Spelling mistake?! :). I am constantly battling my US Google spell checker, my eagerness to get a blog post out on time and my own incompetence on the keyboard. The real skill is to read between the lines :)))

richard said...

A merry Christmas, a Happy and Productive New Year to all the Broadway Team

Charles said...

Happy Christmas Bill and all the team

Anonymous said...

Productive new year!

Allan/NortonJct sb said...

Happy Christmas to Bill and all the team.