Sunday 9 December 2012

In Days Gone By......

An interesting article courtesy of the Evesham Journal. If you have any such tit-bits tucked away, and they are free to share, send them to Jo or myself and we will start a series.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

This is from The Gloucestershire Echo for Monday 16th July 1934:


The early hours of yesterday Mr. Jack Russell, of Broadway, noticed smoke issuing from a stack of coal at the station wharf.

He immediately poured water on the fire, and thinking he had put out the fire he went home.

Later on Sunday morning, Mr C Collins, owner of the coal, saw that the coal was still burning and more water was poured on it".

I do have a pdf of the paper but my e-mail is down, but I will send this to you if you would like it.


Bill said...

Hi Terry,
Let me have a copy when you get a chance. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic

But i was wondering, are there any photographs similar to the link avaliable? I grew up in this area and i have NEVER seen any photographs showing trains using the Honeybourne Line in this area of town (St Pauls - Lower High Street) area. would love to see some if anyone could recommend a link or book where i might find some!

Jo said...

Audie Baker has a picture of High St Cheltenham halt with a rail motor in his book about the line.

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