Saturday 3 November 2012

Saturday 3rd November 2012

The Magnificent Seven today, but a great deal of  progress was made.
The setting out is being done to prepare for the rear slabs at the back of platform 2A. This involved retrieving  ballast from south of the bridge and infilling at the back edge of 2A. The wind was whistling up the track bed this morning and Roger here in his Arctic gear was shovelling to keep warm.
Here posing takes over again as the ballast is levelled at the rear. The string marks the height of the slabs to go in along the full length of 2A. All the slabs required were propped on the wall. By scouring the site, Jo and Roger just found enough!

Finally the ducting for the electrical cable  to the lampposts goes in, bedded and covered in sand.  It was a first class job and work can commence on fixing the slabs in on Wednesday. Congratulations to John, Roger and Jo who persevered to get the job finished by close of play.

On other fronts the fencing was started south of the Bridge and this will reinforce our security boundary, which is so important now that we have so much plant and machinery in use.

 Robin and Mike continued with the brick cleaning. We should be able to start using these bricks in anger next Saturday. Brilliant!
Finally thanks to all the visitors that came today, in particular it was nice to meet Phil Coles who has been following our progress and has some suggestions for obtaining some "interesting" structures for the station.

Well done to Marguerite and Doreen also. Today it got quite chilly towards the end of the day!

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