Thursday 4 October 2012

Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Sorry for the delayed Post. It was a pretty hectic day on site  yesterday with 15 Volunteers working on a variety of jobs.

 The  main task of the day was swop-out 10,000 red bricks for 5 ,000 blues, and thereby balance our stocks of bricks before proceeding with the platform 2 wall .  This was facilitate with the help of a local reclamation yard.This involve moving the reds out into the driveway and bring the blues in. This was only possible with the help of Steve and the JCB. He must be sick of the sight of pallets of bricks by  now!

In addition Steve Moved 15 bags of broken bricks from Ashchurch behind the 2A Wall. A layer of ballast is required and then the lamppost sockets can be put in position. Words don't do justice to the amount of effort that was required to do all the brick shifting but it was job well done.

A team also set to on the the north west embankment to remove all of the excess vegetation adjacent to the bridge.  This is to ensure all water pipes and gullies are visible and free flowing. Suffice to say there is enough material for a couple of great bonfires on Saturday.

 Work continued on the Telephone Box and Roger managed to get all the glass fitted. It really does look the business now. Here is Roger, as pleased as punch as they say.

The 2 Peters also finished off the inside of one of the large lamp huts and and you may see it in an estated agents window with vacant possession - the refurbishment is that good! Pictures on Saturday.

 Gordon and myself had had a site meeting with the signal box piling contractors and we now at the final stages of putting a recommendation to the GWR Board to proceed with the Signal Box footings.

whoops!  caught on camera
We had a pleasant surprise of of a donation of a railway sack barrow from Ken and Jean Hulks. Ken is going to send me the provenance of the barrow and you will hear more about it as Jo refurbished it!

The public viewing platform has been very successful and Peter has been making an information board , with a "you are here" layout of the site. Please come along and see us when you can!

And finally the fascination with an open catch pit!


Richard said...

Is there any merit in the idea of having a donations' box fixed to the viewing platform, next to the information board, while staff are on site? It could be attached when they first arrive and removed at day's end, hopefully with something useful inside!

Bill said...

Hi Richard,
You read our thoughts- there is one there, just as you describe.

Anonymous said...

hopefully vandalism is not a big problem in Broadway. However,reading reports of such attacks on other heritage sites leads me to remind everybody of the
tested and true preactice of having a man()and dog??)and these days a mobile in place whenever possible.

Richard said...

That's good news, Bill. Was the donations' box put in place after that picture was taken? Can't see it - I hope my eyesight isn't failing! On a general note, the dedication and enthusiasm of the folks helping to rebuild Broadway station is commendable and quite something to behold.

Bill said...

Box is down by the viewing platform gate. Nothing wrong with your eyesight!

Anonymous said...

Its great to see such fantastic results from this blog, keep up the hard work guys/girls.

Just a suggestion... Is there any fundraising you could do in Cheltenham on a Weekend!?

Imagine seeing a Locomotive on the Promenade, or in the Brewery!! What Fantastic Publicity!!

Also i remember a few years ago in Cavendish House or Debenhams, they had a charity event for Help for Heroes. A stall with collection buckets/wristbands, etc...

Maybe it would be worth asking a Local Business to help support fundraising?

Anyway i'm waffling on!

Keep up the AMAZING efforts!

Warm Regards,

The Village Idiot!

Don Hunt said...

Bill, will the viewing platform be open to the public only on Weds and Sats?

Bill said...

It is at the moment, but I,m thinking how we get a local person to open it on a daily basis.