Thursday 18 October 2012

Wednesday 17th October 2012

A great turn out today with 17 volunteers ready for action. There were 3 main tasks for the day.

Work continued on the building of Platform 2. Three teams were on the go and by the close of play 160 blocks had been laid. There is a good chance that we will meet the target of completing the block work by the end of October!

The completion of platform 2A is on course for the end of November. Today, ballast from the southern end of the track bed was layered and rolled to the correct level to install the lamppost sockets.

Here are Rod and Terry, tired but happy  after raking and rolling many tons of ballast!

More storage space is require in Marguerite's Shed and the two Peters have a cunning plan to build an extension to the rear. Here we see work in progress.

An extra pair of hands were on site today from volunteer GWR2807 Steve Price, who was able to help with some lamppost painting. Please come back soon Steve.

Chris and David persevered with the brick cleaning, making sure that stocks don't run out  when the Worcester College lads return, hopefully at the end of the month.

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richard said...

I just cannot keep up with the progress :=)