Saturday 13 October 2012

Saturday 13th October 2012

10 Volunteers were on duty today and  a tremendous amount of hard work took place.

The dumper returns at the end of the day
 from fixing the fence line
 A disappointment for us was the wrecking by vandals of our norther fence line. All of fence was destroyed and burnt on a bonfire with the usual mass of beer cans and wine bottles  surrounding it. If they only new the effort it takes to put right the effects of such wanton vandalism, I hope they would think twice about it. By the end of the day the barriers were reinstated and we will have some further work to do to make it totally secure. Thanks to the 3 volunteers who put all the work in on this today.

Clive sees to make light of shifting the concrete blocks!
It must be a 3 Weetabix thing!

On to more positive things work continued on the laying of blocks on platform 2. A bit of challenge has been set up to see how many blocks can be  laid (properly!) in a day. The previous record of 46 was well and truly beaten today with a total of 77 being laid. A remarkable feat!

One row complete!

We are trying to reach the target of having all the blockwork done by the end of October. I thought it might have been a tall order, but I've got a feeling we might just do it. Well done to Bob White, Jo and Clive - they now hold the record!

An unacceptable amount of posing going on here!
On other fronts the ducting and water pipes were put in the ground for platform 1B. These had to be packed with sand and then covered up with ballast. This was undertaken by John Crawford and  Terry Chapman and the job was completed soon after lunch.

A mention must go to Robin who was on his vital brick cleaning duty and Stuart Warnants who was rewarded with bonfire duty having tidied up the end of 1B.

We rose above adversity today and  a good team spirit saw an awful lot of hard work done.


SWrural said...

A local tradesman told me his works was repeatedly vandalised and then he acquired CCTV and the attacks stopped immediately.

It's a big site but perhaps notices claiming 'warning, hidden CCTV cameras' could put off a few incidents? I expect you have gone through all this together but there is now valuable stuff around (I mean valuable in the work and effort that has gone into creating it all).

Charles said...

At GCR there have been persistent problems, and CCTV is an expensive yet mainly effective deterent. It will become a neccesity in the future, so why not start it now.
Seperate appeal perhaps? Maybe that's OTT?
On posing: Love your sense of humour Bill!