Wednesday 22 August 2012

Wednesday 22 August 2012 - What a Successful Day!

 When I arrived at 9:45 today their was activity in all directions. 12 Volunteers were on site and further 5 at Ashchurch.

The Bricklayers found more bricks to lay on the ramp of 2A. Here Roger and Bob finish off the rear section behind the corbelling.

The angle grinder was buzzing away merrily in the hand of Mike S. who was removing the rusty metal from the bottom of the latest lamp hut, in readiness to put a new "skirt" on. Here Mike cuts the skirt from the a sheet of new corrugated steel.

Gordon serving his punishment by breaking U/S bricks -
we won't say what the crime was!
Ron Dobson is seen here having a break from brick cleaning. Ron is going to have a pace-maker fitted next week, and if its any good, we're all going to get one! A speedy recovery Ron!

By far the biggest task on site in terms of effort was the finishing off of the slabs behind 1B. This has been a significant exercise. I have lost track of the number but I will report this next time! Here the last one goes in, much to the joy(relief!) of Peter H, Roger, Peter Q and Jo.

And finally from this section of the post, never let it be said we don't enjoy a laugh here and there.
A beautifully made frame for the latest lamp hut - Brilliant job Peter Q.


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Anonymous said...

Does the pace maker have a fast enough setting to keep brick cleaning rates up with the bricklaying speeds achieved?

Hope all goes well.

Bill said...