Wednesday 1 August 2012

Wednesday 1st August 2012

 A happy band of 15 Volunteers on site today and lots happening to move the project forward.
Firstly well done to the bricklaying crew (Bob W, Bob J, and Paul) who finished off the corbelling on the top surface of 2A. It just remains for the ramp to be finished now.
At the northern end great efforts went into finishing off the the rear embankment on 1B. I know this is a big task and it requires 60 2'x2' paving slabs to be fixed on end to provide an "edge" to profile against.

Here, I think the lads are considering chucking me into the trench that has has been started, because I suggested they continue to dig it by hand rather than hire mini excavator!

Well three got done - maybe they're right!

On the opposite side of the track bed The latest lamp hut acquisition is having a new window and frame fitted by the 2 Peters. A Burger Stall is the most popular suggestion as to its use. It has a sturdy counter inside the window.

Back down the other end, one of the first lamp huts was getting a new roof panel. Here Mike and Clive get the measure of the old one. It looks brilliant chaps.

Work continued on the Phone Box (11 club members - 9 to go! ) and the painting of the  lampposts.

Thanks to Hilary who looks after Margurite's Shed on Wednesdays - We have a really good selection of Railway Books now. Come along and browse.

Finally a big thank you to our Blog Partners  -  Our latest,  the prestigious Lygon Arms have show great interest in our project.

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