Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wednesday 25th July 2012 - What a Scorcher!

Chris, David and Gordon in action
Talk about going from one extreme to the other - it was too hot for any sort of manual effort today but 15 gluttons for punishment reported for duty. The down side was that there was extreme over exposure of knobbly knees  - had to avert my eyes!

Every shovel full is twice as heavy on a hot day
The tough assignment today was cementing in the lamppost sockets on 1B and ballasting up the ducting in order to carry out the  infilling and rolling tomorrow. (A special assignment for tomorrow!) I am not sure how everyone kept going! Dot helps out Dumper filling

Roger and Clive determined to see the 2A corbelling finished
At the other end of the site work continued on the corbelling on 2A and its almost finished. The the main task outstanding is the corbelling on the ramp. Then it can have coping  slabs cemented in place and the infill completed. Easy to say but an awful lot of hard work and expense. Now where are my 2A sponsor slab forms?!!! Only joking!?!

Peters and the Gaffer
Finally the labour of love on the viewing platform continues. It now boasts a fine gate and is ready for action on Saturday.  The Routemaster is in action so please come along and try it out.

No need for words
One of the views you will see are the 1A poppy planting.  They do look a treat and worthy of some peaceful contemplation.
Tony the Shovell

And as a Finale some excellent Jo Roesen  pictures

My favourite  - Salt of the Earth in one shot!


Anonymous said...

Another excellent blog, Bill, super photo's and great work lads.

Now over 17,000 "hits", a real credit to everyone involved in this project

John of Nuneaton said...

Sorry to be pedantic but your posting this time is hard to read as in your endeavour to report the work done yesterday the formatting of the report has caused some of the text to be squeezed between the photo's.

Bill said...

Hi John,
It's a weakness of the blogger software I'm afraid. It looks perfect on my iPad and windows 7 pc.