Sunday 29 July 2012

Saturday 28th July 2012

What a great  Saturday turn out today with 10 volunteers on Site. As is often the case the Saturday Gang are tidying things up from the hectic previous weeks work and today was no exception.

Bob and Peter admire Clive's rolling technique
Here is Clive setting to with the roller to level the ballast behind 2A, having previously done a  sweat provoking shovelling and raking job on the piles of ballast left at close of play on Thursday.

Having completed 2A Clive moved on to do a similar compaction job on the the upper surface of 1B. Yes, 1B is now looking like a section of the M4.

Sponsors required for a new belt

The finishing touch to 1B will be to re-profile what's left of the problematic embankment remaining above the top platform surface. Here's a nice unflattering picture of yours truly looking to achieve  the  correct "angle of repose" we need to finish the job off properly.

In other areas work was continuing with brick cleaning (Robin, Vic and Keith) and here we see Roger setting to with the angle grinder on the final lamppost that we have. If anyone knows of a  source of more lampposts please let us know.

Finally  Jo was working away at stripping the paint of the inside of the K6 telephone box. This was a claustrophobic job on a hot day and I am please he escaped to take the usual great photos.

 Thanks to all who have joined our K6 50/50 Club. With 10 members we are halfway there. Please help us by signing up to what will be a very exclusive club, members of which will have a key to the door of the K6 to open it up to show their family and friends.

Also a big thank you to Graham Smith who ran the Routemaster service today and to all those who came to try out the Viewing Platform.

 Bernard Dudfield, GWSR Estates Director, and one of the founding members of the GWR, paid us one of his regular visits. Bernard never presumes to tell us how to the job, but always has  some good stories to tell of the railway past, and gives us a steer if we ask  him for advice. Cheers Bernard.


Anonymous said...

In the next few weeks the council will be replacing lamp posts near me, and some are the cast iron ones (not many). Rushmoor Borough council are doing this if you may be interested.

Anonymous said...

probably not railway ones, mate, but maybe useful for the driveway?

Bill said...

I will ask a few questions!

Anonymous said...

I just read about the plan to rebuild platform 2 at Cheltenham Racecourse station and that you are involved in sourcing materials for it. Does this take priority over the search for materials for the Broadway platform rebuild?


Bill said...

Hi Nigel,
CRC Platform 2 is all metric and the bricks are already sourced. We continue to build Broadway in imperials - nothing less will do!!!!

John R said...

Given the platform still existed at the time of the reopening, were the bricks stored when it had to be demolished?

Anonymous said...

Yes sort of! Unceremoniously dumped down bank beyond crc signal box, surprised that they have not been recovered for reuse!?

Bill said...

Held together by mortar so strong that the bricks break before the mortar. Not a viable job I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I'm therefore suprised the platform moved?

Bill said...

Tilted on inadequate foundations.