Tuesday 10 July 2012

Oh No, Not Another One!

Yes, I'm afraid so, we have rescued another fine specimen of a Lamp Hut from an orchard in Bredon. It has been donated to the GWSR  by railway supporter, Robert Drew.

Here Richard from Fairview, with his usual skill eases the lamp hut out of the ground. Steve Buckanall looks on.

Away it goes on the Fairview Lorry, heading for Broadway.

Here Steve uses Dot to clear a space for the Hut to be refurbished.

The Lamp Hut is eased into position along side its twin from Long Marston.

And there it is, ready for some TLC.

Incidentally these Lamp Huts are not just for Broadway but for use anywhere on the Railway that might be suitable. We just have to rescue them when we can!
My thanks to Steve Bucknall, Andy Protherough (who did a lot of preparatory work that gave us access to the Hut), and hero of the day, Jo Roesen, who masterminded the exercise and took the photos.
 A great job!


Anonymous said...

the authentic GWR geen portaloo is good- they took them away from Paddington Station, no?

Bill said...

Its a rare one!