Saturday 16 June 2012

Saturday 16th June 2012 and Rain Stopped Play!

Its not often that bad weather brings us to a halt, but torrential rain, driven by the wind gave us all a soaking and by 2pm  work stopped. I believe the weather forecast had put many volunteers off from coming today but a band of 7 die-hards came along to do their bit.

Step 1 Post Exposed
The fun bit of the day was the continuance of digging out the bridge post.
 Jo and Dave B toiled all morning  digging around it and and chopping the many roots determined to hang on to it. As time passed all the volunteers, like bees around a honey pot or kids around a sand pit, were drawn in to the challenge.
Step 2  raise it up with Clive's car jack!
Step 3 Roll it down some scaffold poles

The space for the new Signal Box looks very inviting in terms of getting the footings started. Unfortunately, as the fund raising thermometer says, we have not yet managed to reach the critical £8000 that would allow us to start. I cannot expect the loyal band of Blog Followers to help any more and we will have to think of some more innovative ways of raising the funds.


Gordon of Rhoose said...

I'm sure that my fellow "voyeurs" would all agree what an incredible job you guys are doing. It's you and your team doing all the hard work and it's us just watching you all from the comfort of our own armchairs. I'm sure if we all put our hands in our pockets for £10 to help with the signal box footings, it would make a big dent in the shortfall you're looking for. There has to be some price to pay for the continuous entertainment we're all getting from watching you! Just ask us? My £10 is on it's way.

Bill said...

Hello Gordon,
I am ever conscious that many of our followers have helped us with donations and I am therefore a bit reluctant to ask for more. However if anyone out there is waiting for a good time to donate and make a difference, now is the time!

Anonymous said...

My £10 also paid, sorry it's not more, but at least it's not in euros !

Chris from France

John R said...

Well suggested Gordon. It would be a shame to see work come to a halt when there are so many willing volumteers giving up their time. Payment made!

Anonymous said...

I am interested to know why the building of a signal box is a priority. Surely, of all the work needed to reopen Broadway Station, a signal box is the least important thing.

We don't need a signal box to operate a run round loop.

Can you enlighten us please.It seems a strange way to spend scarce funds.

Bill said...

The signal box footings are integral to the platform wall. We cannot continue with platform 2 northwards until the SB footings are in place. It is not planned to build the SB yet.
Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

having read your blog allmost from the start of platform 1 it seems a shame if work is held up waiting for money and i am certain many of us can raise a few bob for the cause.neLocum

Anonymous said...

Re the blue brick hunt, as the signal box will not be siyed as it was originaly, have you considered robbing out the old footings beyond the bridge? It was a large building so the footings must have been pretty substantial.

Jo said...

That box was made of wood, we've already had a rummage around there. It was on made-up ground, so couldn't be too heavy.
Currently 'brick mining' the bulldozed remains along the western platform is yielding interesting finds, but not on the scale we need - thousands, even 10s of thousands of blues and reds. We have a few leads, but more would be of interest.

Anonymous said...

Another £20 in the pot from me. Are you a registered charity? Gift Aid would help a little bit more if you are...

Good luck.