Friday 29 June 2012

It's Good News Week!

The Broadway Area Group was presented with a cheque for £31,000 last night by Henry Howard, Chairman of the GWR Trust. The occasion was the Annual General meetings of the GWR Trust, and GWSR.

I believe this represents a great vote of confidence in the Broadway Area Group Volunteers, recognition of the outstanding work already achieved by them, and planned in the near future. It also puts out a very strong message to  all supporters and potential investors that the Railway is very much looking to the future now, and Broadway is a cornerstone in the  plans for the expansion and future success of the GWSR.

Now here's the thing!

Of course I can now declare our Platform 2A Appeal has reached its goal. Thank you to all who have donated to date. Your support has demonstrated to the Railway that the Broadway  Project has a great following. Nevertheless please don't stop your donations coming - for those who  have already donated, you have now been  joined by the GWR Trust, and for those who have been wavering, please see this as a blue chip project now that is totally supported both by the GWR Trust and the GWSR. The £31,000 will be carefully spent, but it will be gone by the end of  2012. Platform 2 needs to continue northwards, ground works need to start in the car park and on the station site. There is much to do. Please continue to help us!


Perry said...

That is marvellous news. Congratulations to all concerned.

nigelss said...

Aha! So the trust have handed over the Broadway Project restricted funds. It must be good to know that there is no likelihood of work having to stop anytime soon due to shortage of funds :-) Will an amount be put aside for the station planning application?

Best wishes,

Bill said...

Yes Nigel,
That's part of the agreement under which the funds were released.

Toddington Ted said...

That is fantastic news! Well done to all concerned!

John R said...

Terrific news.

"Restricted funds" would imply this was money that had been donated in the past with the specific purpose of rebuilding the station?

Was there any update on the Chicken Curve last night. It's all gone a bit quiet on that front.

Anonymous said...

Chicken curve is waiting for track to arrive. Word has it, it did yesterday (Thursday). So I'm watching for the P'Way report for Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

No it didn't!

Anonymous said...

Lol... Barclays cheque... You better cash it quick