Saturday 19 May 2012

Broadway Station Open Evening 18th May 2012

Well what a successful evening that was! In spite of the rain blowing through on a cold wind our supporters came in large numbers (100+) to see at first hand the progress being made. Thank you to everyone who came last night - it was so appreciated by myself and my colleagues. I will post photos as they are sent to me and this will therefore be a rolling post  over the coming week. Thanks in particular to Val from the Flag and Whistle who cooked burgers and hot dogs all evening, which eventually  ran out and we had to fetch more in!

Thanks to the members of the Board who attend who included Malcolm Temple (Chairman GWSR) and Henry Howard(Chairman GWR Trust)

And most importantly of all a thank you to the Broadway Volunteers and their wives and partners who worked tirelessly setting up, hosting the evening and packing it away at the end of the night.

Sue selling the Raffle Tickets
Malcolm reluctant to give Terry his prize of the wonderful Audie Baker Book
Guess the Weight of the Cake!

Ann - Baker of cakes!

Lynda Simms  -  lucky winner of the cake!
Stuart Warnants Daughter Alice braving the cold looking for Sponsors
for the two Castles run, in aid of Broadway Station (thank you!)

The route to 1A past our K6 Phonebox

Another Trophy for the finished Station

Alice Rod and Peter

Margurites doing great business

Val now sick of the sight of burgers!

Queue for Burgers!

David Foulkes MBE with his good lady talking to Terry and Peter

The Winner of of the top Raffle Prize
GWR Trust Chairman  welcomes the Visitors and selects the main Raffle prize.


richard said...

Bill it was great to meet you and to chat to some of the team. Well worth the trip to see the excellent work, it is truly impressive seeing it for real. The weather did not dampen the spiry of the evening.

Anonymous said...

Well done a good evening and apleasure to see first hand the work in progress.

Anonymous said...

Why was there no mention of your open evening on the main GWSR website? surely this would of attracted more people to the event


John R said...


Really enjoyed meeting you and some of the others on Friday, and great to see at first hand work the terrific work you're doing. Like anonymous above I was surprised at the lack of publicity on the main website but on the flip side good to see the support given in person by some of the directors of the railway.

Bill said...

The decision was made not to advertise our event on the GWSR Website in order to not compromise events that were aimed at fund raising for the Slip Appeal.
Hopefully next time this will not be an issue!

SWrural said...

From afar, my wife and I congratulate the lady in the short sleeves. Now that is loyalty to the cause and we do hope she is not nursing a chill today!.