Saturday 10 March 2012

Saturday - Spring Sunshine!

A warm and sunny day today and 14 Volunteers were on site to enjoy the Spring-like weather. The major construction activity was on bricklaying on 1B and remarkable progress was made. Here are the troops in action.  The end result is under wraps here, ready for the Worcester College lads to continue on Wednesday.

Further brick shifting ensured that there is a clear "road" passed Platform 2. Just some coping slabs to be cleared now and then we will be able to scrape Platform 2 footings.

John B managed to finish the raised bed around the sign at the bottom of the drive - its ready for planting up.
 Finally John  S continued to clear the car park ditch - he's a real glutton for punishment!

Thanks for all the visitors today - please keep coming and giving both moral and financial support - between us we will get there!

Sorry that this is a short report - I got distracted on a particular job that I will report on another time!

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