Thursday 9 February 2012

Thursday 9th February - Day 3

Terry, John and Clive in action
Six volunteer stalwarts turned up in the freezing weather for more punishment on the back fill line. The freezing conditions turns what is normally loose ballast into something akin to frozen concrete and consequently makes the task of shifting and levelling doubly difficult. But the team were single minded in their efforts and virtually saw the job done with just a few more slabs to go! Here are slabs in the process of being laid. They have to be spot on and great care is taken to make sure they're right.

Here John Crawford, who has work solidly for the 3 days, (along with Clive, and Jo), admires the handy work. John has been instrumental in masterminding this exercise and has been extremely helpful in Ron's absence.

The troops barrowing the top soil along must have got longer and longer arms - Its a  70m trip with a laden barrow from the dig by the planned signal box footings.

Finally Dot was back in action today, shifting more supplies of ballast over the wall - Ken at the controls.

A great job has been done over the past 3 days. I know dedicated GWR volunteers work long and hard all over the Railway and I acknowledge their dedication and enthusiasm where ever they are, but the hard graft that has taken place at Broadway this week has been extraordinary - I salute you all!


Gavin said...

What will the top surface be made from? Tarmac or gravel?


Bill said...

Hi Gavin,
It will be tarmac eventually - but just rolled ballast for now.