Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wednesday 7th December 2011 And a Cold Wind Blew(again)

It was a great day yesterday in terms of work completed by the 20 volunteers and 5 students on site.
As a final piece of work for this year on Platform1A,  Fairview Trading donated some HIAB time to set 9 coping slabs in place. It was not an enviable task as an icy wind was whipping over the Evesham Road Bridge and through the pines. here are  a couple of the many photos taken:-

One of the early slabs being lowered
Photo Courtesy of Ken (in Yellow)
And Another
Photo Courtesy of new Member Jo Roesen.

And the end result
Photo Courtesy of Yours truly

The work continued on completing the end of Platfrom 1 and this section is just about at corbelling height. Here da do Ron Ron (jaunty hat award) inspects the hard work of of Roger and Steve.
Photo Courtesy of Jo

At the northern end od the site the Worcester College lads had there first experience of working in really cold conditions but I have to say they stuck at it and still had smiles on their faces at the end of the day.
Photo Courtesy of Jo

Last but by know means least was the task of keeping the home fires burning in the car park. Gordon and the rest of the Apaches kept the  smoke messages going all day. Literally warm work, both from the point of view of heat from the fires but also the speed of work required to keep the wind fuelled bonfire going. Brilliant job and brilliant set of top quality photos from Jo Roesen!
Sitting Bull (aka Gord) in charge
Photo Courtesy of Jo


Dave said...

excellent progress and great work, but would I be right in thinking photo 3 is reversed?

Dave said...

Ok Ive got it now, it was taken from the infill side!