Friday, 30 December 2011

150,000 Visits to Steaming to Broadway

Although not huge in Internet terms, it is quite rewarding for this milestone to be reached by the end of 2011.
As the regular followers will notice the format of the blog has changed slightly and I'm not sure I have improved it! As I was experimenting with some changes in evaluation mode, they suddenly became permanent! Anyway as any Web designer will tell you, the first priority with a website is content and the second priority is content and the third is... well you get my drift!.

In 2012 we, the Broadway Area Group, will press on with our good work and I will attempt to keep you updated as before, in my usual light-hearted way.

Happy New Year!

PS Andy Protherough has already had withdrawal symptoms and carried out some more work in the car park this week. He tells me some bonfires will be in order.


Keith Patterson said...

Hi Bill

One of the changes I regret is not being able to go into the old blogs anymore.

Anyhow can I wish everyone a prosperous New Year.

Keith Patterson

Bill said...

Hi Keith,
No reason why all the the old posts should not be visible. If anyone else has this problem please let me know!

Ken said...

Bill. Whilst the 'Older' posts are accessible, we seem to have lost the option to select specific months.