Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday 30th November 2011

This is going to be a picture paints a thousand words Post!
The work carried out yesterday on the infill for 1A was remarkable - there must have been close 100 tons of ballast gone in. Here Rod lovingly rolls in the the last bucket fulls(JCB bucket!). The end result would do justice to the M5.
 The rest of the top corbelling was finished off and here the A team finish tidying up the residue of scaffold boards and blocks.

I would declare 1A wall finished, but there still remains the corbelling on the south ramp to be completed. John C  here carefully puts the first row in. It will take two more sessions to do the job properly and then we can start the coping slabs.
Chris Helm has been cleaning up some of the Honeybourne slabs for the past week and there are probably 30 ready to go. As  I said we will try and get these on by Christmas. Worth a few mince pies me thinks!

 The work on the infill unearthed some of the old wall and this was chiseled apart brick by brick for use on 1B.

Tony, one of our many new starters(to Broadway) drew the short straw today and got landed with cement mixer duty. He didn't seem to mind and kept everyone  loaded with mortar. Cheers Tony!

At the North end of the site the Worcester College Students(4 + Supervisor) set to on the block laying. Oh for the supple limbs and enthusiasm they showed. Here they are getting down to the job in hand, under Clive's watchful eye.

And lets not forget the brick cleaning gang - swelled to 4 in number on Wednesdays now. None of this would be possible without them!
Lastly Andy P was down in the car park with chainsaw and strimmer. There'll be bonfires on Saturday!

There are  a couple video clips here to finish off today's report:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the progress!

If its taken 100 tonnes to backfill 1a so far, where will the other couple of 100 tonnes come from?

I hope that the Worcester College lads are enjoying their time with you, I'm sure that working on site will help them no end, and also us as well.

SWrural said...

I was wondering about the space where the rails go. I had a look at the website cross sections, and the height to where the platform base starts seems very tall to me. Will it be all ballast there, to bring it up to rail height?

I was wondering about the platform infill too.

Anonymous said...

will you have to build a back retaining wall on 1a platform?

Bill said...

Re the last 2 questions I will try and draw a sketch to answere them. Bear wilth me!