Saturday 19 November 2011

Saturday 19th November 2011

 A great Saturday turn out today with 14 volunteers on duty. Thanks everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed my day. We had a  surprise visit from Andy Cavell, who was instrumental in setting up the Broadway Area Group 3 years ago. Andy recruited myself, and others of our existing membership and without him,  and subsequently Jim Graham, we would not have progressed as we have. Andy is considering joining the Friends of Broadway and I hope he does - he is a great Broadway enthusiast and we need all the help we can get!

Our pursuit of having the best set of GWR lamp huts continues. The labour of love(and good deal of engineering skill) is going into the completion Lamp Hut No 2. Ken seem to bring a mobile workshop on to site and today saw the door fixed and mounted. The effort required just to physically move the materials around with steel sections fixed in place is worthy of the Weatabix award. By the end of the day the job was done and No. 2 is ready painting.

Farther down the track bed Greg Wigg was getting separation pains from lamp hut No.3 and brought some float glass along to fix a window. Another labour of love.  Greg is getting us some history on this lamp hut which appears in books and on film. We have a star in our midst!

What a beauty - Job Done

Work continues on 1A and Peter's prediction that 2 more sessions will see it finished looks about right -  we will see what next week brings. I can tell you that next week will bring 7 students from Worcester college, who are second year students on a bricklaying course. I am probably under describing this course and I will do another report in detail during next week.

All systems were go down in the northern end of the car park where further work was being carried out on clearing this area. New fencing was erected and (all but a couple rails) the fencing job was finished.
Dave, Peter and Stewart in action
John and Ron - Andy was hidden in the ditch!
Any P was back with his chain saw and good progress was made and of course the the bonfire was burning brightly. There is nothing like a bonfire on an Autumn day.
Ron leaning on a shovel - gaffers prerogative

Finally the brick cleaning work continues. Our progress has been so great on 1A that we are running short of red bricks. Please keep an ear to the ground for possible local sources. I'm afraid the transport costs are prohibitive if they are farther afield.


Jim Boyles said...

Great days work everyone! Bill, there is a small pile of reds and blues just across Childswickham Road at the base of the embankment that was cleared a few weeks ago. Not too far to go with the the dumper truck?

Andy P. said...

Could we arrange for some cleaner water to flow along that ditch....that stuff stinks! My boots, socks and trousers can testify to that. Not good for a healthy Saturday night with the good lady!

Bill said...

Always pop one or two in your rucksack and bring them along!

Bill said...

Sorry about the aroma! We can always hose you down before you leave! Seriously its not much fun paddling around in foul water and we should think through the health risks and get appropriate kit.

Ken said...

Appropriate kit!

See here.

Alternatively, if I have enough warning, I think my mate might have some waders. I just need a couple of days warning of the need arising.