Sunday 27 November 2011

An Aside - Hitchin a Ride

I'm always grateful for new followers signing up and not least when they have an interesting name like
The Hitchin Grade Separation! I'm not sure what its about other than:-
The Hitchin Grade Separation is a scheme proposed by Network Rail to eliminate conflicting movements at Hitchin on the East Coast Main Line, where the branch line to Cambridge divides, thus removing a major timetabling constraint and enabling increased numbers of long distance high speed and freight services.
And there is a blog

Thanks for your interest in our project


richard said...

Be careful Bill this might be industrial espionage ..... them spying on you and your team to see how a Rail Project should be run :) :D

Bill said...

How true! ;D

Anonymous said...

let them try to do it for the same money (same numbers any currency)!!

Hitchin Grade Separation said...

Bill, thanks for giving my blog a mention. You have nothing to worry about, no espionage involved! It is purely to record the construction of something that is quite rare in England, the construction of a new section of public railway, albeit quite short. I have nothing but admiration for your efforts and would love to be involved if I didn't live so far away. Good luck with your project which I will continue to follow with interest.