Sunday 9 October 2011

Saturday 8th October 2011 The Elite Squad!

It was one of those few weeks when volunteers in attendance was well down - 5 stalwarts holding the fort today. However Marcus Taylor donated another day of his bricklaying skills and with Steve and Ron acting as labourers in the morning and Dave and I as apprentice labourers in the afternoon, another good section of Platform 1A was built. Cheers Marcus - we will try and do better next time!

In the morning Dave  and myself did a bit of planning on the proposed car park area, with an emphasis on mature tree preservation, landscaping and drainage. Consultations with Wychavon Council Planners are under way and  we needed to get our thoughts in order to ensure a mutually acceptable outcome. Bernard Dudfield, the GWSR Estates Director came along in the afternoon to gives us his advice and guidance, and I have to say  that our thoughts  are all pretty much in accord.

Marguerite was hor de combat this week but John and Marguerite's chum did a brisk trade and we even managed bacon butties. We have stolen a march on the Wednesday Gang here, so lets hope some of them will do some Saturday moonlighting!

We had many visitors today and they are always welcome - we can never have too many, so please come and see us! Top of my list today was Greg Wigg from the the GWR Archive Trust who manages to sniff out all sorts of GWR treasures and steers them our way. On his list for transfer is another lamp hut from Wolverhampton, some curved spear fencing and Toddington type square guttering and drain pipe. I know there will be a groan from the lads that I can't curb my Steptoe instincts, but I am unashamed!

 That's it! - where are the photos you ask? - well even my camera had a fit of the sulks yesterday - it was just one of those days!


Toddington Ted said...

I visited yesterday with my father (aged 92!) after a trip on the Laverton Extension, but it was about 4.45pm so everyone had gone home. However, I took some photos (from behind the fence!) which I can send if required. It all looks really good.

Bill said...

Thanks TT but I will put some more photos on next time!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant getting that support from the Traders' Association! It just shows to me we are really welcome in Broadway. And that networking is up and running, with results.
I share your squirrelling instinct, and look forward to working together in that area :)

NB Check the title today, shouldn't that read ' October' ?

Tempus fugit....


Bill said...

What a plonker(me)! Sorted now!

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me. I have started a blog for the C&W @Winchcombe the URL is
its called @Restoring GWSR Rolling stock @ Winchcombe' not as snappy at yours but the best we could come up with

Anonymous said...


Nice start to the blog. Will you be adding more features similar to here? (like adding "Anonymous" for those of us who do not "Book our Face").

Very nice pics, your team does excellent work. I looked at some of the detail last year.

Looking forward to seeing the coaches at Broadway!

Dave P.