Tuesday 11 October 2011

GWSR Carriage & Wagon Blog it!

C & W have started up their own Blog which is absolutely great! Please give them the same avid following and support.  On the days when everything seems an up hill struggle, it's uplifting to know there are so many people out there willing you to succeed.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill the response has been great!

Anonymous said...

pity that the main website seems not to get many updates any more

Bill said...

For my part I'm happy to give the main Website as much info. as they want. However it gets exponentially more difficult to maintain an increase in quantity of information and still keep the quality. I think the Webmaster does a brilliant job.

Anonymous said...

maybe you could persuade the permanent way team to join in i miss the regular fotopic updates.

Anonymous said...

The P'way photo's are back on line follow the link from the C&W blog or the main GWR affiliated links list.

Anonymous said...

The Webmaster even takes out our spelling mistakes..... eth het teh the - butter fingers me


Ken said...

With regards to the comment relating to the main Website, the area for the BAG remains somewhat stark!


A photo or two wouldn't go amiss.

Bill, BTW, it seems that I am not on your ("minions") email list.

Bill said...

We had a good news article recently

I have sorted the email omission out and I would be deeply upset if any of the troops were classed as minions - chums is what I'm aiming for!!!!