Wednesday 12 October 2011

A 4F leaving Broadway Station Platform 1

Whats Occurin'?  No never fear it is only  an excellent Bassett Lowkes loco, coaches and track that have been donated by a supporter Steve Q. What well engineered models they are. The donation included many Hornby O gauge items also which we are currently cataloguing for sale. If anyone is interested in buying these items - let me know.


Anonymous said...

You might find some buyers at which, although it says hornby, also covers other makes from time to time. Lots of O Gauge collectors there.

Best wishes,

Belgrade said...

Hi Bill,
Nice to see the 'O'-gauge stuff got down to you OK! I never dreamt I'd see it on a platform at Broadway station one day! Hope you get some avid buyers for the stuff!

Dave said...

What? Track down at Broadway? Blimey, I hope the Board gave approval for this ....

Darren Fairley said...

......Indeed, we even suggested it!