Thursday 29 September 2011

The Thumbs Up for this year's GWR Christmas Card

 Artist Fred Lea has painted a beautiful Broadway Station scene for this year's GWSR Christmas Card. It's the well know action shot of the Cornishman as it comes through Broadway Station in 1959. It's an  absolute beauty!
Photo curtesy of Steve Sperring
Here the Wednesday Gang take time out to thank Fred and admire his work.
I will let you know all the possible sources of the cards - its not one to be missed!
Prints will also be available as we approach Christmas - what a splendid present this will make.


Anonymous said...

Please HELP keep this "Gang" and their addiction to "Sand, Cement and Imperial Blues". off the streets of Broadway.

Send in your donations, or they may go looking for local stone to continue their quest to build Broadway Station.

From what I have seen. Broadway has lots of local stone buildings to choose from.

THEY may be looking at YOUR HOUSE!

Well, Halloween IS just around the corner, Trick or Treat?

All kidding aside, can you get the Christmas Cards in bulk, say 20 cards per box? Please let us know as soon as you can, it takes awhile to ship overseas.

Dave P.

I will do my part to KEEP them off the street in the next few days! WILL YOU?

steamartist said...

Many thanks to Bill and the gang for taking time out to look at my original painting.

You were the inspiration with all the tremendous work you are doing rebuilding the Station.

I have had plenty of positive comments so far, so I am sure the cards and prints will raise extra funds for you to keep up the good work!

They should be on sale by the middle of October.

Best wishes,

Steamartist (Fred)

Toddington Ted said...

What an amazing day to publicise a Christmas Card! Still, at Christmas we will be able to remember this Mediterranean weather whilst admiring Fred's wonderful work!
On a purely unashamed sentimental note, it's sometimes difficult to envisage what a group of everyday heores looks like - well this picture shows us.

Toddington Ted said...

Sorry for the spooling mistook - I meant heroes of course!