Saturday 10 September 2011

Saturday 10th September 2011

A different day today! A small on site team(Ron & Clive!) continued with brick laying on Platform 1A. Andy and Ken continued to rescue blue bricks from the West embankment. 140+ were dragged up the bank on a home made sledge made by Ken (innovation is our middle name!). I don't know how they're finding them, but this is a  welcome haul indeed. Vic Smith continued his monthly brick clean - it was a grand lot you did, I noticed Vic!

John B and I dispatched ourselves up to the Broadway Horticultural Show and spent a a pleasant afternoon talking anyone who would listen about our plans. We had some generous donations and we went back to site talked out but happy. What a very pleasant, genteel group of people  you meet in Broadway.
John B multi tasks acting as tent support (there was quite a wind!)
 and talks at the same time.


Anonymous said...

there are a lot of blues in the undergrowth near to the Goods shed but on the track-side....well worth a trawl there

Roger said...

Hi Bill,

Amazing progress. Any significance that embankment clearing has started south of Childswickham Road?

Bill said...

I'm not sure we can read too much into it. The equipement and team happened to be available in that area.
PS I will seek out the bricks mentioned above - thank you!

Laurence said...

Are there any bricks around at the site of Weston Sub Edge station?