Sunday 21 August 2011

Donation Button

Dear Followers,
You will notice I have added a Donations button to my Blog.  It is not intended that regular followers should start making donations - absolutely not! Nevertheless there are an increasing number of vistors to the site and for those who feel they would like to make a contribution to our worthy cause, they can, and it will be gratefully received. The donation facility is a very secure one, through Paypal and is as safe as any on the Interent. Thanks!


Anonymous said...


Made a donation, thanks for the ease of doing it!

I wish I could drop bye, but around 6,000 miles away.

Great work and progress this year, I was on holiday in Broadway a year ago in May, and saw what the site looked like.

I check for progress and messages every day.

If I was to come into a large lotto win, I would like to see a destination of STRATFORD-ON-AVON instead of settling for Honeybourne!


Bill said...

Thanks for your generous donation - you qualify, at 6000 miles, as our furthest sponsor - unless someone wants to beat it?!?!