Sunday 19 June 2011

Work Starts on Platform 1A

The Construction Team have started on clearing the ground along the back edge of 1A. Here Ron, Steve and Ray scrape off and load the overgrowth from the artificial embankment at the rear of 1A. The next step is is to  create a compacted, level surface along the rear edge, from which a platform height supporting surface can built. The preferred method for achieving this would be gabion mattresses which would look esthetically pleasing from the driveway behind. This has yet to be given the thumbs up by the experts, but I am confident this would provide a durable solution, without pouring concrete into the ground.

Ron is never happier than when he's at the controls of the mini digger!

The rest of the team set to with a good clear up and bonfire  on a day when the biggest tasks was dodging the heavy downpours of rain.

A 'thank you' goes to Pat Green's chaps who brought up some 3x2 slabs from Toddington on the GWR truck. These slabs will be used on the platform, around the new building.  We were also grateful for the offer  of the Building Services's assistance in the future. Not only will it be useful to increase the capacity of the construction team but more importantly the individuals will bring  a wealth of railway experience to share with us all. The sooner the better!


Keith Patterson said...

Nice to see some pictures of the completed Phase 1 platform. A good job done. Well done everybody.

Jim Boyles said...

A great "thumbs up", as usual, for all the achievements of you guys! I can already see Platform 1A in my minds-eye, having paid an "out-of-hours" visit to the Southern end of the site and seen the marker posts for the platform. Quite a height to reach, from the present surface! And thanks to Wikipedia, I now know what a gabion mattress is!! Could be a good solution....