Wednesday 11 May 2011

A Day to Remember!

The Construction Team have been gearing up for some weeks now to start laying the coping  slabs on the platform wall. Today was the day. With a fine turn out of people and the use of the Fairview Trading  Crane and Grab the challenge was set to lay 10 slabs - and here they are:-
The job would not have been possible without the cooperation of Fairview and there enthusiastic driver, Richard, here in action. Everyone ended the stint with a big smile on their faces, not least mine. Well done everyone!

Equally important today was another visit from Colin Betteridge (Volunteer from Oz see blog for 6th April) who, with Steve Bucknall's help  laid an extraordinary number of blocks on the north end of the wall. Please come again Colin!


richard said...

Great progress

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Job, proud indeed, well done!

Darren Fairley

Anonymous said...

Well done. The slabs look great. And so does the blockwork!

DanC said...

So thats where i will srtand to get a train!