Sunday 3 April 2011

Back on Track!

Wednesday 30th and Saturday 2nd April 2011

A very upbeat message came from the Railway's Chairman about the success so far in fund raising for the calamitous slips, that have so set back the Railway's operation. The Appeal(s) are being extremely well supported and money coming in at a steady rate. With the start up of the DMU service to Laverton yesterday, things seem brighter.

This was true at Broadway where the construction team got to grips with re laying the wayward corbelling and Saturday ended up with the confidence that the problem had been sorted. Phew!

On other fronts our refurbished "potting shed"is well on the way to becoming a GWR Kiosk for the issuing of information and sale of merchandise. Here John B takes stock of progress! Windows left and right are to follow next week followed by a coat of GWR cream paint.

As far as fund raising for Broadway Station are concerned we would welcome donations of railway books and memorabilia that we can sell or auction onwards. We are also in position to sell goods on your behalf for a percentage contribution to our funds. If you have stuff cluttering up your stately home or bijou pad we can help you! Drop me a line through the contact page on the "" Website.


Anonymous said...

How much projection on your corbels is there? From the photo it looks like a half brick projection. If correct this is twice as much as the industry norm of a quarter brick projection. A half brick projection will be inherently unstable. Also the backing brickwork should normally be built in advance of, or at the same time as the projecting brickwork. Hope this helps.

Bill said...

Thanks for the comments - A quarter brick is the correct amount, if it appears more its an optical illusion! As norm we have built up the backing bricks course for course with the corbelling. So how did it go wrong you ask! It appears as though a weak mix of mortar allowed a freshly layed row of first corbelling to sag. This we attempted to compensate for in the second row and then in the third row. It all compounded to make an unaceptable C*** up that needed re doing. Its 10x more diffult to put something right than get it right in the first place. That was the lesson learned.
Thanks again for your comments.

I don't want to start a big debated on corbelling techniques here, by the way!