Wednesday 2 February 2011

Wednesday 2nd February 2011

A day for tidying up around the Driveway entrance. Here is the end result with a few Snowdrops raising there heads. Spring must be around the corner!

More reclaimed bricks arrived courtesy of Fairview Trading. They have been extremely helpful in assisting with this task and deserve an honorable mention! Photos courtesy of Peter H.


Anonymous said...

Called in briefly today to see progress in the flesh.

its looking good, have you thought about creating a wish list or materials that will be required to complete the station. I realise its a big project and will be broken down into smaller projects but a list of materials could create interest and sponsorship.... How many GWR station lamps are required?

Ian - Keep up the good work I only wish i lived slightly closer to give a practical hand

Bill said...

Thanks for your comments - we do have a project plan which as you rightly say is broken down into a large number of sub projects. The materials required are wide ranging, but we are trying to keep the new station in keeping with the old and such things as GWR lamps, seats, spear fencing and special bricks are hard to come by. For instance we have a mixed bunch of lamps, but ideally need 12 the same style!
Please come and visit any time. Bill