Saturday 23 October 2010

Saturday 23rd - Great Progress and a Ripping Yarn!

A relaxed and good humoured day with much progress to report. The second 50ft of platform wall has grown another 3 courses - 7 to go chaps! I chance my arm at some wall pointing which proved very therapeutic! The plan is to get the last 7 course up before Ron Briz goes on holiday in a couple of weeks. Weather permitting, this is quite do-able with  a great team effort.  Beyond that we should be able to back-fill the wall and put the coping stones on - what a great way to finish 2010!

In the  morning I failed to keep the bonfire going (twice) and thereby failed my Boy Scout NVQ. It took the efforts of Dave B (the Fire Starter) to finish the job properly. Here he and Stewart are looking fairly smug over the dying embers. To cap it all I managed to rip the back side out of my jeans in the efforts and was the butt(!) of much hilarity (jealously I think?)


David Arnold said...

100 foot platform. Backfilled and with coping stones. All you need now is a pagoda shelter and call it a halt. Plenty of space for an autocoach and 14xx!

Bill said...

I wish our Board saw the same opportunity as you!
Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...


The Board does and it has been thought about, but all such opportunities come with a cost!

We simply cant afford it........for now!

Keep up the good work.

Darren Fairley