Saturday 16 October 2010

Another Bright Sunny Day!

Another great day of progress. Where to begin? We have now marked out the platform wall edge points for another 100ft of platform. Bless our Ebay Theodolite!

A Ron Briz. master class took place in the morning for bricklaying - here Ray and Steve put it into practice! In addition Peter and John built a storage unit for the dry Storage Container. Note no tools, equipment or metals are kept in this unit.

Chris spent a day retrieving  blue bricks from the embankment - hard work but very rewarding!

Finally thanks to Derek who came all the way from Bath to see what we get up to. I hope he was impressed enough to come and join us!


Derek Lettey said...

oh yes, very impressed. can you let me have your email address so i can let you have my details. regards Derek

Bill said...

Hi Derek, I don't know whether you can email via the blog utilities. I cannot seem to do the same to you and I don't want all the spam if I publish my email here!