Wednesday 21 July 2010

Draft Station Site Layout

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The Station Site layout will go through many iterations before agreement is reached on a final definitive plan. This is a first attempt, based on ideas shared between the troops and as such has no GWR approval.


richard said...

Might not have official sanction yet but all great things have to start somewhere, great to see a plan it at least give you and the Board a starting point for discussions. The soon to start build of Platform 1 an exciting mile stone

Ian H. said...

What no points? Are we pushing strait on for Honeybourne. Ah the secret is out now. General comments. The disabled parking looks like it is a long way from the station building and up hill. Are there any restrictions in having the toilet block in the main station building as they used to be? Is there any public parking planned on site?

Bill said...

Hello Ian,
Thanks for your comments!
Parking is going to be quite tricky adjacent to the Station. The Driveway is a thoroughfare for the B & B and the Cottages. The best that can be achieved I think is a drop off point for cars and small coaches. The general car park is likely to be south west of the Bridge crossing the Evesham Road.

The Toilet Block is a difficult one to solve also. The purists for authenticity(like myself!) do not want the footprint of the Station to grow significantly and a toilet block to cope with the likely passenger volumes will have to be quite large. The best compromise I feel is to put a Disabled Toilet within the new Building which will also house a cafe, shop and ticket office. The ticket office should perhaps be of historical interest, containing such "treasures" as the ticket barrier we recently found in the ruins.

But all this is pure speculation and time will tell what the final plans are.

PS I have yet to work out how to draw points in Microsoft Word!

Derek Lettey said...

ive been folowing this blog and was very interested in the proposed track plan. One question i do have and im sorry if its already been answered elsewhere, but whats the plan for the goods shed? is it not to be conectted to the main line?

Bill said...

Hi Derek,
Thanks for your interest. The Goods Shed is currently on a long lease to the Caravan Park who look after it exremely well. In the short term, with their agreement we would quite like to use it as point of interest for vistors and set up some more Broadway Station information and any relics we come across related to the Station.
In the longer term, by mutual agreement with the Caravan Site, I'm sure we would want to run some track back in there so that we could continue with it as a vistors centre or maybe refurbish the odd coach or wagon there. Pure speculation on my part but a very valid question!
Cheers Bill

Derek Lettey said...

thanks for your reply re the goods shed,
whilst i have your attention, could you let me know a bit more about the working parties and what projects are under way, as im thinking that i might like to become involved in some way.

Bill said...

The best bet is to call in by at Broadway on a Saturday and have a chat to the volunteers. In essence you must be a member of the GWR and have a work permit to become a volunteer. All sorts of skills are required. Bill