Saturday 3 July 2010

Saturday 3rd July

A bright, sunny day with a host of Volunteers beavering away! Pics thanks to Alan Bielby as I'd left my SD at home!

Two activities worthy of a mention were the Blue Brick Cleaning and Stacking Gang - Chris(new) Chris (not so new!) Steve (ex PWay) and and Robin. They toiled in the sun cleaning the lime mortar off the recent reclaimed bricks(see previous blog entry). They looked as if they had been down a coal mine by the time they had finished.
The second activity was the "tidying up" of the Platform 2 Waiting Room foundations by David B assisted by Gordon W and co. This is going to be a great point of reference for the re building work as the lower half of the back wall and corners are still in place.

Peter H and I started the presentation stand for site viewing at the top of the drive - again an interesting project - more on this later.

Finally can I say I was so please to have John B in the company today, for various reason we had not worked on the same days for a while - and I'd missed his stoic good-self around the place.


Toddingtonted said...

Bill you are a tease! First you tempt me with more excellent news of what you are doing at Broadway and then you tell us that photos will follow later! Hopefully I'll be visiting th GWR later this month so will see for myself! Good on yer all!

Toddingtonted said...

Many thanks for the photo update! Its very interesting to see what has survived of the old Broadway Station - more than I thought!