Saturday 3 April 2010

Broadway Area Group AGM

The first AGM I have attended as a rank and file volunteer was conducted in a very pleasant and business like manner. The existing incumbents of chairman (Alan B.) and Treasurer (John S.) and Secretary(Lynda S) were re elected for the coming year. Three new officers were elected (John B. Gordon W. and self). I am hopeful we can gel as a team and create a confidence within the Broadway Area Group, flying the flags of openness, camaraderie and good humour.

Prior to the meeting much good work was done selecting some serviceable pallets at Toddington, set aside for the moving of bricks from Coleford. Also some roadside clearance was carried out at the south side of the Evesham Road bridge. More of this next time!
The Navvies clear the way for the bricks from Coleford

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