Saturday 6 March 2010

Progress on Many Fronts!

A quick update:-

Alan B and Ron visited the site of an old village hall in Coleford and agreed in principle to retrieving 4000 red imperial bricks for use in the rebuilding of the Station Building. The practicality and logistics of doing this are yet to be finally agreed!

More burning of felled trees - much smoke!

Broadway Sign nearing completion - watch this space!


Toddingtonted said...

I apologise if this seems a somewhat foolish question but how many bricks will you require (roughly) to replicate Broadway Station buildings and also for the platforms?

Bill said...

Not a silly question at all - wish we new exactly! To replicate the old station building would take about 6000 reds and the waiting room on the up plaform about 2000 reds. To replicate the old plaforms would take 6500 blues each side. However there are plans to extend the length of the building by about 50% and to nearly double the platform length for a ten coach train! So the above figures would increase in proportion. Hope this helps. Bill

Stuart666 said...

If you need any more, you ought to have a word with Tetbury council. They have a derelict goods shed and a cattle pens full of them. The demolished engine shed also shows some evidence of some good bricks also in situ.

BTW, fascinating blog you have here.

Bill said...

Cheers1 If you have any details of the location of the bricks(directions) please email me. Many thanks Bill

Toddingtonted said...

Thanks for the information regarding the number of bricks needed. I guessed that it might be more than 4000 but I didn't know how many more!

Stuart666 said...

Erm, Id email you with it, but cant work out for the life of me how to find your email address. Perhaps you can email me?

Suffice to say, the Tetbury rail yard is located very close in the cutting to the hospital, which is well signposted in Tetbury. Tetbury itself is on the Glos/Wiltshire border.
Dont know the likelihood of them selling, but as you can see, they would probably glad to be shot of it.

Id love to see it rebuilt as a goods shed, but clearly thats very secondary in your requirements.