Sunday 20 December 2009

Jim Turns up for a Mince Pie ! Christmas Cheer!

The Christmas celebrations at the Site Office were cheered up by a visit from Jim G. As our guide, mentor and work pal, we were glad of the opportunity to chat. Everyone brought a contribution to the feast and it was much enjoyed! The water pipes freezing did not spoil the affair. Water was obtained from the Station House.

The morning was spent erecting a new fence at the bottom of the drive, to replace the spear fencing that had been removed earlier in the year. It looks pretty good. John B did some drainage work so everyone felt as though they had earned their lunch.

A Merry Christmas to all and the wish for a happy New Year which will see the GWR steaming ever nearer to Broadway.


Unknown said...

yes indeed thank you all for your hard work.
Can't wait for this!
Merry xmas to the team from me!

Bill said...

Thank You!