Sunday 6 December 2009

5th December 2009 - John B.s Report

Not available for the next 2 weeks but here is a report kindly supplied by John B.(No Sloop involved!)

"Just Gordon and me at Broadway today. We did the job on the gatepost and burned the huge pile of stuff to the north of the portakabin. We had a look at the fence between the gate and the bridge, and dug down to find the bottom rail, which was hidden under years of accumulated debris and soil. The remaining three panels of spear fencing will have to be removed so that we can build a wooden fence up to the bridge. The electricity supply for the illuminated height warning sign on the bridge is very close to the fence, so there is not much room to spare. I have made enquiries about getting Steve the electrician and angle grinder man to come and remove them."

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