Saturday 28 November 2009

Patiently Spinning our Wheels!

A busy day slashing and burning - there's a mixture of frustration and perverse satisfaction at taking all day to do something the JCB would do in 20 minutes! However there was a glorious bonfire thanks to John B which is most welcome on a cold day.

John and Robin here, putting the world to rights

The up platform foundations are gradually appearing as more ground is cleared. John B here determinedly clearing the edge of the up platform. We are hoping above this point will be a treasure trove of blue bricks and blocks.
In addition to the line side clearance work, Keith G pursued his plotting of the flow of the drains North of the cabins. He also managed to replace a broken switch on the water heater in the cabin - again a small job but you have to take satisfaction in small doses at the moment!

Finally I won the contest for the silliest hat worn on the day - fortunately I'm the only man with a camera!

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