Thursday 20 August 2009

A Great Day on Wednesday!

A special work day was convened to install and commission the Water and Electricity Supplies for the site. Great progress was made!

The Water Supply was "tapped" into in the driveway. A trench was then dug towards the cabins, and although time got the better of us, the final stretch and connection should be very straight forward (famous last words!).

The connection to the electrical supply had been attempted earlier this year but a grounding problem frustratingly left the job unfinished. Here the cable is being replaced and good work by Steve the Spark saw the work successfully completed, bar the switch on!

How about JCB Aerobatics! Steve the Shovel gets airborne to dig the trench to the mains supply in the driveway .

And finally Steve the Spark gets down to the task of connecting the electricity up at a junction box along the trackbed. Potential volunteers please note that above all volunteers enjoy themselves!

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